How to Get to the Charybdis System in Starfield

Jump beyond the stars to a late-game system filled with historical wonders!

Starfield Charybdis III Settlement
Screenshot by Prima Games

Starfield hosts over 1,000 planets, most of which you can fully explore, survey, and build an outpost if you have the resources and desire. However, some star systems provide a significant challenge and are explicitly designed as endgame content. For example, the Charybdis system is a leap from most other systems, rated as a level 65 star system. Here’s how to get to the Charybdis system in Starfield!

Where to Find the Charybdis System in Starfield

I’ll admit, this one is a bit tricky to track down due to how the star map functions. The Charybdis system in Starfield is located directly east of Kyrx and southeast of Ixyll, but it shifts. By that, I mean as you move around the star map, depending on your perspective, it can appear as if Charybdis completely disappears from the map. It doesn’t, though. It’s just a matter of lining up the star map in the correct position.

To find Charybdis, zoom the star map out completely. It will appear as a red dot ready for discovery!

Furthermore, it’s important to note that, again, this is a high-level system. As such, you will require an upgraded ship with a powerful Grav Drive designed for long-range interstellar flights. You need a lot of fuel to jump here, and your starter ship, The Frontier, won’t make the cut. I used the Starborn Guardian to make the jump, and it still took a detour to Ixyll first.

Planets in Charybdis

Starfield Charybdis Star System Map
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Charybdis star system is home to numerous planets and moons—19 in total—for you to land on and explore. A few feature unique side quests, like Charybdis III, where you’ll find one of the game’s longest yet most interesting questlines.

  • Charybdis I
  • Charybdis II
  • Charybdis III
  • Charybdis IV
  • Charybdis IV-a
  • Charybdis V
  • Charybdis V-a
  • Charybdis VI
  • Charybdis VI-a
  • Charybdis VI-b
  • Charybdis VII
  • Charybdis VII-a
  • Charybdis VII-b
  • Charybdis VII-c
  • Charybdis VII-d
  • Charybdis VIII
  • Charybdis VIII-a
  • Charybdis VIII-b
  • Charybdis IX

Charybdis System Stats and Details

  • Level: 65
  • Spectral Class: G0
  • Catalog ID: NN 3669A
  • Temperature: 6000K
  • Mass: 1.10SM
  • Radius: 731114
  • Magnitude: 4.43
  • Planets: 9
  • Moons: 10

Once you hit near enough to the required level, the Charybdis is an exciting spacefaring adventure that’s home to countless unique planets and resource-rich moons. We highly recommend visiting Charybdis III. It’s worthwhile and memorable!

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