How to Get to Nesoi in Starfield

Visit the casino or explore the planet's surface.

How to Get to Nesoi in Starfield

If you picked the Dream House trait in Starfield, there’s one planet you’ll have to visit as soon as possible: Nesoi. Nesoi has abundant resources to collect and even has The Almagest nearby if you want to see a casino. Since it isn’t its own system, it can be hard to locate. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to find Nesoi in Starfield.

Where to Find Nesoi in Starfield: Nesoi Planet Location

Nesoi is a planet in the Olympus system east of Alpha Centauri and south of Cheyenne. With its proximity to Alpha Centauri, you can fly here without upgrading your grav drive and jump distances. If you plan on visiting systems like Volii and Porrima, accessing Olympus will make the jumps much easier.

Starfield Olympus System and Nesoi Location
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Upon arriving in Olympus, you’ll see Nesoi as a small planet close to the sun, with The Almagest in orbit. If you want to visit The Almagest, you can fly into Nesoi’s orbit and dock on it before boarding the casino. If you’d rather stop on Nesoi’s surface, you’ll find randomized deserted structures and resources to scan and collect.

How to 100% Survey Nesoi in Starfield

Nesoi Planet Location Starfield
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Below are all of Nesoi’s stats and the survey data you’ll have to collect:

  • Type: Rock
  • Gravity: 1.04 G
  • Temperature: Temperate
  • Atmosphere: STD 02
  • Magnetosphere: Average
  • Fauna: 8
  • Flora: 5
  • Resources: 8
  • Traits: 2
  • Biomes: 6
    1. Savanna
    2. Deciduous Forest
    3. Mountains
    4. Sandy Desert
    5. Frozen Volcanic
    6. Ocean

If you’re trying to do a 100% survey on Nesoi, you can check your progress in each biome by selecting a part of the planet’s surface on your map and checking the biome’s percent completion. Check the ocean, too, as there are fish here that you must scan for the survey.

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