How to Get to Kindi in Starfield

A Kindi small planet to explore but an interesting one.

Starfield Kindi Planet
Screenshot by Prima Games

There are too many planets to explore in Starfield. Seriously, with over 1,000 to discover, survey, and explore, how will you ever traverse each one? But as you stumble upon unique planets that catch your eye, like Kindi, it ignites a fire. But what happens if you lose sight of such a planet? We can help. Here’s how to get to Kindi in Starfield.

Where to Find Kindi in Starfield

Starfield Kindi in Valo Star System
Screenshot by Prima Games

You may stumble upon Kindi relatively early in the game, as it’s close to Sol and Alpha Centauri. You can find Kindi in the Valo Star System, northeast of Alpha Centauri and east of Sol. Furthermore, Kindi is the second moon of Lumos, to the far right of the system.

It’s a small, barren planet devoid of most life. So, unfortunately, don’t expect to find much breathing beyond yourself and your companion.

How to 100% Survey Kindi in Starfield

Starfield Kindi Survey
Screenshot by Prima Games

As a resource-heavy moon with an extreme environment, Kindi is barely hospitable. It’s okay if you remain indoors at all times. Or, better yet, in a spaceship, leaving the moon entirely.

But if you aim to survey the entire moon and discover its resources, flora, and fauna, you’re in luck. To 100% survey Kindi:

  • Flora: 0.
  • Fauna: 0.
  • Resources: 4.
    • Aluminum.
    • Beryllium.
    • Helium-3.
    • Neodymium.
  • Planet Traits: 0.

The Beryllium is exceptionally worthwhile, making Kindi a fantastic planet to settle down and build an outpost.

Are There Any Notable Locations on Kindi?

Starfield Kindi Structure
Screenshot by Prima Games

Despite its status as a barren, inhospitable planet, Kindi is loaded with resources that prove beneficial for research and crafting purposes. Upon landing, you’ll likely note an abundance of industrial structures littering the planet’s surface. It seems like every crater has a factory, generator, or research satellite poking out.

Unfortunately, there is no handcrafted content on Kindi. Instead, you’ll find a lot of procedurally generated structures, which can still be fun to explore.

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