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How to Get to Halls of Valor in WoW Dragonflight

Once more, to Valhalla.

by David Morgan
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If you are keen on getting in a few Mythic runs this weekend before Season 2 starts next week, Halls of Valor is likely on your short list. This dungeon is one of the few legacy Mythic dungeons introduced in Dragonflight Season 1. So, let us learn how to get to Halls of Valor in WoW Dragonflight, together.

How to get to Halls of Valor in WoW Dragonflight

We have a couple options for getting to Halls of Valor, which exists in the Legion expansion zone of Stormheim. Let us take a look.

Locate the portal to Dalaran in Valdrakken: If you are looking for Halls of Valor, it is probably because you are running it on Mythic difficulty, which means you are already familiar with Dragonflight’s capital city of Valdrakken. If you take a look at the screenshot below, you will see the three portals that allow quick access to the legacy Mythic dungeons. We will want the one labeled Dalaran.

Screenshot via Prima Games

OR use the Dalaran Hearthstone: If you played during WoW Legion, or if you chose Legion as a leveling expansion, you probably have a purple rock in your inventory called the Dalaran Heartstone. If you use it, it will get you to where we are going just the same.

Fly to Stormheim: Below is a map of the route you will need to take to get to Halls of Valor. You can either fly there yourself or take one of the flight paths (if you have any available).

Screenshot via Prima Games

Take the entrance on the left as you enter the large building: If you are using the Summoning Stone to get your lazier companions in gear, just take the portal to your left once everyone is ready.

Best of luck on your Mythic runs this weekend! Just a reminder – Season 2 begins May 9, so if you are looking for any specific Halls of Valor loot before it rotates out, this is your last chance to do so. Happy hunting.