How to Get to Alepsis Taura in Remnant 2

Wanna go to space...Spaaaaaaaaaace.

Remnant 2 Alepsis Taura
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When progressing through Remnant 2, you’re bound to come across many locations within N’Erud. Whether it be through speaking to the Custodian or with the mysterious voice in the fog, you’ll be visiting all sorts of mysterious locales that showcase horrors that once were reasonably humane people. The things going into a black hole will do to you, am I right? While the endless void seems to be the only thing in sight, there’s actually a final location that only unlocks under certain conditions. Here’s how to get to Alepsis Taura in Remnant 2.

How to Access Alepsis Taura in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Sha Hala Fight
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To get to Alepsis Taura, you must first make N’Erud inaccessible. There are a few ways to do this (as we got it after the end of the mysterious fog voice’s questline), but the most common way is to gift the Custodian the Eidolon Shard. To do this, you’ll need to get the three Seeker Keys from completing specific encounters in N’Erud. These are located in the Seeker’s Rest, Hatchery, and Astropath’s Respite.

Once you have those, head into the Sentinel’s Keep and interact with the console the Custodian tells you to. This will spawn a boss named Sha’Hala, Spectral Guardian of N’Erud. Dispatch them but be sure not to use the Override Pin, as this will prevent you from accessing Alepsis Taura.

Once you’ve killed Sha’Hala, don’t leave N’Erud. Instead, take its Eidolon Shard that it drops and head back to the Custodian within the Sentinel’s Keep. Give him the Eidolon Shard, then leave N’Erud. This will render the region inaccessible, and you’ll see a glitch effect when hovering over any location.

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That is, except for one location. Alepsis Taura. You won’t be able to travel to it right away. Instead, you’ll have to wait 12 hours before it’s accessible. Once it’s available, travel to it, and you’ll be met with this massive, galaxy-like expanse. In one direction is an audio log that you can play if you want, along with the Void Heart relic. When using this relic, you’ll reduce incoming damage by 50% for four seconds. When that buff ends, you’ll heal all missing Health over 0.75 seconds.

But the Void Heart is more than just a good relic. It’s also an essential part to unlock the data-mined Archetype, Archon.

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