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How to Get the Wolfswood Cloak in Destiny 2

Pray to the Traveler this Class Armor drops

by Daphne Fama

Eva and her cozy oven are gone and a grumpy grandpa and his giant, flaming gong have replaced her. You know what I mean, Guardian. The Iron Banner has returned, and it’s time to subject yourself to the utter chaos and mayhem that is the Crucible. But all of that is worth it because you’ll be able to get your hands on some event-exclusive weapons and armor.

It’s no secret that the Iron Banner also offers some of the best armor in Destiny 2, outside of the sets sold for real life cash in the Store. But Season 19’s offerings might have really outdone itself. Hunters are especially blessed, as they’ll have the option to get the Wolfswood Cloak – a cloak that lets you wear the actual head and pelt of a wolf. Here’s how you can get it for yourself in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Wolfswood Cloak in Destiny 2

As you might have guessed, unlocking this Class Armor means you’ll have to play Iron Banner. But what you may have also noticed is that it’s not among the “focused Decoding” offerings Lord Saladin has in his vendor menu.

That’s because you can’t manually select it. No, if you want to complete your full Iron Companion set, there are only two options.

Option 1:

After completing one rank with Lord Saladin, speak to him and claim the Iron Engram. You’ll see that by claiming this Iron Engram, a handful of weapon and armor choices will become selectable in his vendor shop. Don’t select any of them. Instead, head to the Cryptarch, Master Rahool, to have it decrypted.

Getting the Wolfswood Cloak is completely random this way, and there’s no guarantee that decrypting it will give you the Class Armor. You can only hope luck is on your side and you’ll have to sacrifice a certain weapon or piece of armor to try.

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Option 2:

Complete Iron Banner matches. If you’re lucky, you’ll get it as a random reward.

Yeah, probably not the news you wanted to hear. It’s unfortunate, but Class Armor items can’t be focused for decryption and this is the case for all “competitive” vendors, including Lord Shaxx and The Drifter.

Good luck getting that cloak, Guardian!

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