Stardew Valley Trash Catalogue
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How to Get the Trash Catalogue in Stardew Valley

Add some organized chaos to your farm.

Are things on your farm looking a little too tidy for your liking? Never fear! You can throw trash anywhere you want with the Trash Catalogue! The Trash Catalogue is filled to the brim with interesting bits of garbage that you can place around the Valley to make things look a little more… lived in. If you’ve been yearning for trash, yearn no more with this Stardew Valley Trash Catalogue guide.

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Where to Find the Trash Catalogue in Stardew Valley

The Trash Catalogue is an item that you can find after rummaging through at least 50 garbage cans in Stardew Valley. Searching through people’s trash is better than it sounds and can actually provide you with some pretty handy items. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say, and you can find discarded items like crystals, gems, fish, and other resources in people’s rubbish bins. 

50 trash cans is a tall order, and you will have to do a lot of dumpster diving to make those numbers, especially since trash cans can only be searched once per day. Thankfully, there are eight cans around the Valley, so if you search each one every day, you could potentially get your hands on the Trash Catalogue in around seven days. 

Stardew Valley Trash Map
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You can find trash cans outside the following locations:

  • Stardrop Saloon
  • The Blacksmith
  • The Museum
  • The Mayor’s Manor
  • Joja Mart (or the Movie Theatre depending on your choices and progress)
  • 1 Willow Lane
  • 2 Willow Lane
  • 1 River Road

Searching 50 garbage cans doesn’t automatically grant you the Trash Catalogue, however. It simply gives you a 20% chance of finding one the next time you search through the trash. So you will still have to do your fair share of rummaging after your 50 cans are up. 

There is one thing to note about rummaging through people’s garbage in Stardew Valley. Don’t let anyone see you. If anyone catches you digging through the garbage, they will be immediately disgusted, and you will lose friendship points with them, so make sure the coast is clear before checking any trash cans. We won’t judge you for digging through the bins, but everybody else is going to.

What Can You Use the Trash Catalogue for in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Trash Example
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The Trash Catalogue works in the same way as the other Catalogues available in Stardew Valley. Once you’ve acquired it and placed it in your home, you can interact with it to open up all of the trash assets found throughout the Valley, like old tires, spilled drinks, empty chip packets, and broken TVs. See something you like? Select it, and the item will appear in your inventory free of charge, and you are free to place it wherever your heart desires. 

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