How to Get the Temporal Burdens Ensemble in WoW


The fashion hunter strikes again – this time with some brand new shoulder transmog (the most fun slot to get fancy with, in my opinion). These shoulders were introduced in patch 10.1.7, but they fell so by the wayside of new content and announcements that honestly I didn’t even know they made it into the game until I did some serious digging. Good news, though: they’re super easy to get with the simple steps below. Here’s how to get the Temporal Burdens Ensemble in World of Warcraft.

WoW: How to Complete ‘No Limits’ to Get Chromie’s Timespun Shoulderpads and Morchie’s Timeworn Shoulderpads

First, make your way to Chromie, who’s planted herself near the Temporal Conflux, shown below on the map. There’s no prerequisite quests for this questline, so don’t worry about any homework beforehand.

Accept her quest, No Limits, which tasks you with finding Nozdormu “behind the Temporal Conflux.” Oddly, there’s no map marker for this quest, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Check the location on the map below; he and Eternus are hashing it out in a little pavilion nearby.

Once you’re there, just do a few easy quests with Eternus as she tries to save her sister, Moraidorni, Stein’s Gate style, from the Black Dragonflight. It didn’t take me more than 10 minutes or so, and the interactions between her and Nozdormu were sweet, if a little hammy.

Once that’s done, return and speak with Chromie for your prize: two sets of sick-looking shoulder gear sporting inlaid hourglasses. The best part is they’re account-wide with no armor limitation, so they’re perfect for decking out alts! This also means you’ll only need to complete this quest one time.

If you want a little more bling for a particular race, why not consider unlocking their heritage armor? If you aren’t sure how, our heritage armor guide has you covered!

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