How to Get the SysDef Formal Uniform in Starfield

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Starfield SysDef Formal Uniform Unique Outfit
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While there are plenty of top-notch spacesuits in Starfield, sometimes you want to don a stylish uniform and wander through New Atlantis. For that, you must learn how to get the SysDef Formal Uniform in Starfield, as it is by far one of the most aesthetic, unique outfits in the game!

Where to Get the SysDef Formal Uniform in Starfield

To get the SysDef Formal Uniform in Starfield, you must finish the “Legacy’s End” quest after siding with UC SysDef in “Eye of the Storm.” After completing the faction questline and earning an excellent 250,000 credits, you’ll receive the Formal Uniform.

That said, siding with UC SysDef means taking on the entirety of the Crimson Fleet and The Key. You must first defeat the pirates in an epic space battle before boarding the space station and fighting in close quarters through the hallways. It’s a tough battle, but you will have help during the space portion of the fight.

Furthermore, the more evidence you hand over to SysDef, the stronger they are in the last battle!

UC SysDef Formal Uniform Stats in Starfield

Starfield SysDef Formal Uniform Stats
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As a unique outfit, the SysDef Formal Uniform offers a flashy appearance. It’s a sleek look, with its primary gray coloring and blue shoulder pads, sets itself apart from other unique outfits in the game. However, the best part of this suit is the bonus to your intimidation chance. It’s a fantastic way to win persuasion checks when you don’t have Hippolyta.

  • Type: Outfit
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 5
    • Energy: 15
    • EM: 25
    • Thermal: 0
    • Corrosive: 10
    • Airborne: 0
    • Radiation: 15
  • Mass: 1.30
  • Value: 525
  • Rare Effect: +5% Intimidation Chance
  • Item ID: 003329B4

But if you want an outfit that serves a purpose while looking stylish, may we recommend a handful of the best spacesuits in Starfield?!

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