How to Access the UC SysDef Mission Board in Starfield

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UC SysDef Starfield
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Many of the factions in Starfield have their own form of radiant mission boards that you can use for infinite quests, but the UC SysDef isn’t immediately ready for use. In this guide, we’ll cover exactly how you can access the mission boards and where to find them.

How to Use the UC SysDef Mission Board in Starfield

In order to access the UC SysDef Mission Boards, you need to complete the “Legacy’s End” mission and finish the Crimson Fleet questline for good. Of course, you need to side with the UC SysDef and successfully return with the pirates taken down. Until then, the mission boards won’t be accessible, even if you’re already part of the UC Vanguard.

UC SysDef Mission Board Starfield
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Once you’ve finished Legacy’s End and returned to Commander Ikande, you can confirm that you want to remain on the SysDef team. From here, you can access the UC SysDef Mission Board. They aren’t any different than radiant quests you would find from other factions, but it’s another source of Credits against the Crimson Fleet.

To find the UC SysDef mission boards in Starfield, walk into the Operations Center like you usually would on the UC Vigilance ship. Instead of walking up to Commander Ikande, though, look slightly to the left, where there are two terminal screens. Both of these can be used to claim your fresh radian missions.

From what we’ve played in the SysDef, there is usually one bounty mission that takes place on a planet’s surface, while the second mission takes you into space for ship combat. Both offer up to around 3,000 Credits and are fairly easy ways to start grinding for better gear as you read the mid-point in the game.

Why You Should Side With SysDef Over the Crimson Fleet

Siding with SysDef comes with many benefits. Here are the rewards players can expect by siding with SysDef over the Crimson Fleet.

  • 250,000 credits.
  • Access to the Vigilance.
  • Constellation companion approval.

The quest you get siding with SysDef is much more exciting than the one you get from the Crimson Fleet. You and your fellow comrades launch a full-scale assault on The Key. It’s a pretty flashy, fun battle that culminates with a lot of firepower going everywhere at once. After that, you board The Key and take out all of the pirates in an intense firefight. Plus, if you’re roleplaying a good guy, then you’ll definitely want to side with SysDef here.

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