How to Get the Striker Streetwear in Starfield

Take to the streets with the right fit!

Starfield Striker Streetwear Unique Outfit
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On the surface, Neon is one of the most attractive settlements in Starfield, with an entire underground area run by various gangs. One such gang is the Ebbside Strikers, and you can become part of them to get the Striker Streetwear in Starfield!

Where to Get the Striker Streetwear in Starfield

Starfield Ebbside Strikers Leadership
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To get the Ebbside Striker Streetwear in Starfield, visit Ebbside in Neon, then head to Madame Savauge’s Place. There, you’ll meet Andrea. She’s leaning against the wall beside the bar on the first floor. She acts tough, but after a little inquiry, you’ll find out the Strikers are currently down and out and desperately need new members. You can join if only to take down the Disciples.

In total, you’ll need to complete three quests for the Ebbside Strikers:

  • Display of Power
  • The Audition
  • The Showdown

It’s a short questline culminating in a turnover of power in Ebbside. That is, to get your hands on the Ebbside Streetwear, you must betray the Strikers during “The Showdown,” instead choosing to side with the Disciples. There, speak with Holt. He’ll offer you a chance to earn some credits if you kill the Strikers’ leadership.

There’s a catch, though. The Strikers Streetwear is a random drop from the gang’s leaders. You’ll want to create a save before going into Madame Savauge’s Place and reload if none of them drops the outfit.

Striker Streetwear Stats in Starfield

Starfield Striker Streetwear Stats
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  • Type: Outfit
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 5
    • Energy: 20
    • EM: 10
    • Thermal: 10
    • Corrosive: 15
    • Airborne: 0
    • Radiation: 0
  • Mass: 1.00
  • Value: 132
  • Rare Effects: +5% Critical Damage
  • Item ID: 00064A2E

If you want an exclusive outfit that doesn’t rely on joining the ultimate flop of a street gang in Ebbside, we recommend the Operative Suit. For that one, you must join Ryujin Industries, also in Neon, and progress through their faction questline!

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