How to Get the Operative Suit in Starfield

Act like an operative, dress like an operative.

Starfield Operative Suit
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You will find all manner of high-end spacesuits during your playtime in Starfield, but what about unique outfits? There are a few in the game, locked behind faction quests and given to you as rewards; here is how to get the Operative Suit in Starfield!

Where to Get the Operative Suit in Starfield

Starfield Ryujin Industries Imogene
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To get the Operative Suit in Starfield, you’ll start by enlisting with Ryujin Industries and then progressing through their faction questline until you’re working on “Sabotage. Here, partway through the stealth-based mission, you’ll receive the Operative Suit and Helmet. They’re yours to keep from here on out, so feel free to ignore the rest of the mission or complete it, depending on your preferences.


You must accuse Imogene of being the mole at Ryujin Industries to receive the Operative Suit and Helmet. Yes, she’s been your handler this whole time, but turn against her like the spy you are!

Operative Suit Stats

Starfield Operative Suit Stats
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  • Type: Outfit
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 19
    • Energy: 29
    • EM: 9
    • Thermal: 0
    • Corrosive: 10
    • Airborne: 0
    • Radiation: 15
  • Mass: 1.50
  • Value: 675
  • Rare Effect: You become 25% harder to detect.
  • Item ID: 0018B54A

As for the Operative Helmet, which you will also receive entirely free for progressing through the “Sabotage” faction quest for Ryujin Industries, it’s a bit less exciting. It has no armor rating, zero resistance, and no unique effects to speak about. What it does have is:

  • Mass: 0.50
  • Value: 375
  • Item ID: 0016E0C3

Now, of course, much of the armor and clothing, like the weapons in the game, roll different stats and effects for other people. You might wind up with a unique effect on your Operative Suit and Helmet.

If you want something that can withstand a firefight or a hostile planet, we recommend the Mantis Spacesuit! It’s easy to acquire at early levels and provides exceptional armor and resistance ratings, though it’s ugly as all sin.

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