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How to Get the Stone Edge TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Get the EDGE in battle! ... I'll see myself out.

by Daphne Fama

One of the best aspects of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the sheer diversity it offers, from its regions to its Pokemon. You can spend hours exploring the Paldea region, and even longer slowly filling out your Pokedex to create a team that perfectly synergizes to your preferred battle strategy or simply makes you happy. But one of the best mechanics the Pokemon franchise has to offer is the ability to build your Pokemon’s move sets in any direction you want. And one of the best subsection of moves is, of course, offensive.

If you’re seeking a move that’s Rock Type, does physical damage, has a staggering 100 base power, and an increased Critical Hit ratio, Stone Edge is the perfect move for you. While its accuracy is middling at 80, its potential to do brutal damage balances things out. Especially on Rock Type Pokemon like Tyranitar and competitive tank favorite, Garganacl.

But how can you get this move for yourself?  

How to Get the Stone Edge TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Fortunately, getting your hands on TM Stone Edge is a straightforward process. You’ll have to wait until later in the game, when you have access to North Province Area One. Head to the Pokemon Center and speak to the League Rep. He’ll inform you that he has a gift for you if you can defeat six trainers in the area. One trainer will be visible from the Pokemon center. But if you’re struggling to find others, you can find four near the lake on the North Eastern side of the Area.

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Return to him once you’ve defeated all six, and he’ll gift you TM 150 Stone Edge. Crafting it can be expensive, as it costs 12,000 LP and requires 3 x Rockruff Rock, 3 x Rolycoly Coal, and 3 x Klawf Claw.

Good luck getting that TM, trainer!

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