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How to Get the Steflos in Warframe

Who is Stef and why have I lost them?

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Steflos

At its core, Warframe is all about getting new pieces of gear and leveling them to raise your overall mastery in the game. Especially when you get to the end-game side of things, going for these pieces of gear makes up about 99% of everything you’ll be doing in the game. One piece of gear has a few players tripped up, though we’re here to help. Here’s how to get the Steflos shotgun in Warframe.

Where to Find the Steflos in Warframe

The Steflos can be obtained from completing rounds of Mirror Defense at Tyana Pass on Mars, with different rotations offering different rewards. The blueprint can be acquired as a chance from rotation A, while the remaining parts can all be found during rotation B. For reference, each reward is considered a rotation, with the rotation setup being AABC (i.e. The first reward is an A rotation reward, while the third reward is a B rotation reward.)

If RNG is not on your side, then no need to worry. Using the crystals that you collect around the map while playing Mirror Defense, you can spend them at Otak from the Necralisk in Deimos. Each component (excluding the blueprint) will set you back 250 Belric Crystals and 150 Rania Crystals. The blueprint itself costs 500 Belric and 300 Rania. In total, you’d need to spend 1250 Belric Crystals and 750 Rania Crystals to snag a full set. Once you have everything, simply start construction and wait 12 hours for your Steflos.

What is the Best Build for the Steflos?

If you’re feeling the Steflos and want to use it more consistently, we have a build for you that should satisfy your needs:

  • Exilus Slot: Vile Acceleration
  • Shotgun Savvy
  • Critical Deceleration
  • Charged Shell
  • Tactical Pump
  • Hell’s Chamber
  • Ravage
  • Contagious Spread
  • Cleanse Grineer

This may set you back some Forma but is easily one of the best setups you can have for the Steflos. We’re mainly building for Multishot and Critical Damage, though we’ve thrown a few elemental mods for some more DoT damage. If you happen to have the Galvanized or Primed versions of any of these mods, equipping them will mean more Forma usage but should result in a much stronger weapon.

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That’s all you need to know about the Steflos! Hopefully, you can take this into your missions and start cleaning house. While you’re looking to get new weapons and builds, check out our guide on how you can get and use the Syam in Warframe.

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