How to Get the Starborn Spacesuit Venator in Starfield

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Emissary and Hunter Outside Nasa Base on Earth in Starfield.
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As you make your way through Starfield’s universe, you’re bound to come across a ton of different gear that can help immensely. This could be in the form of new ship parts unlocked through the Starship Design skill, or through new weapons and armor. Speaking of the latter, one set of armor eludes players in terms of how you secure it. Here’s how to get the Starborn Spacesuit Venator in Starfield.

Where to Find the Starborn Spacesuit Venator in Starfield

The Starborn Spacesuit Venator, also known as the Hunter’s armor in Starfield, can be acquired upon starting your 11th run of Starfield. This involves completing the game the first time, then entering New Game Plus a total of nine different times and completing it. Once on that 10th New Game Plus run, you’ll automatically receive the Starborn Spacesuit Venator on your character.

Once you finally reach this point, you’ll find that the Starborn Spacesuit Venator has the following stats:

  • PHYS: 246
  • ENGY: 246
  • EM: 246
  • Thermal: 50
  • Corrosive: 50
  • Airborne: 50
  • Radiation: 50

Unlike some of the Starborn sets received with other New Game Plus runs, this run provides the following bonuses with the new suit:

  • Technician: -15% damage from Robot enemies.
  • Resource Hauler: Resources weigh 25% less.
  • Assisted Carry: Drain 75% less O2 when running while encumbered.

Is the Starborn Spacesuit Venator Worth Getting?

As I tend to say with all of these Starborn suit guides, you should only snag the suit if you’re already planning to play through Starfield that many times anyway. Playing through a game 10 different times for one piece of gear is just plain silly, and you shouldn’t need me to tell you that.

If you’re looking for more help with acquiring some strong gear, check out our guide on how to get the Starborn Guardian VI in Starfield.

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