How to Get The Spacer in Starfield

What's better than The Spacer for a space-faring explorer?

Starfield The Spacer Unique Pistol
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There’s nothing quite like running dry in your primary weapon and immediately swapping to a secondary that’s just as powerful. It’s a power move. In Starfield, there is a vast array of potent sidearms, like The Spacer, that can take down a tough Crimson Fleet pirate with a single shot or two, and it is explosive! Here is how to get The Spacer in Starfield.

Where to Get The Spacer in Starfield

Starfield Arboron Weapon Shop in Neon
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To get your hands on The Spacer in Starfield, visit Arboron in Neon City, within the lobby of Ryujin Towers, to buy this unique Particle Beam Pistol. Thankfully, to match its small stature, this isn’t a pricy pistol. You can make it yours for approximately 13,400 credits.

If you’re having trouble finding Arboron, as I did when I first heard about the shop exclusively selling EM Weapons, then hit Neon Core. From there, head left from the starport elevator to Ryujin Tower, but do not enter the elevator. It’s a small shop on the left-hand side of the lobby.

The Spacer Stats and Details

Starfield The Spacer Stats
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Despite its size as a rather compact sidearm, The Spacer is rather powerful. It took me a single shot or two to take down a Spacer. Unfortunately, its unique effect is rather impotent. How often do you spend in space combat outside of your starship?

  • Weapon Type: Particle Beam Pistol
  • Damage Type: Phys/Eng
  • Damage:
    • Physical: 9
    • Energy: 30
  • Ammunition Type: Light Particle Fuse
  • Magazine Size: 12
  • Fire Rate: 25
  • Range: 36
  • Accuracy: 70.2%
  • Mass: 3.05
  • Value: 13412
  • Mod Slot 1: Laser Sight
  • Mod Slot 2: Reflex Sight
  • Mod Slot 3: Focus Nozzle
  • Mod Slot 4: Annihilator Rounds
  • Mod Slot 5: Overclocked
  • Rare Effect: Space-Adept – +3- damage in space and -15% damage on the ground.
  • Item ID: 001AC6C0

If you can get past Space-Adept and focus on the Annihilator Rounds, this is an excellent sidearm that should serve you well during the early game. Its low cost of entry, relatively affordable ammunition, and ease of access make it a fine choice for any collector who wants to jump straight to Neon!

We’re teaching you how to find all of the best unique weapons in Starfield, so stay tuned to Prima Games for additional guides coming soon! If you’re looking for your next unique weapon, check out our guide on how to get the Hunterwulf in Starfield.

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