How to Use EM Weapons in Starfield

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Starfield EM Weapons
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Starfield includes a vast arsenal of weapons, most designed with death and destruction in mind, but a few subvert expectations. If you’d prefer a non-lethal playthrough in Starfield, there are weapon options available, namely EM weapons. These electromagnetic weapons, which feature both in space and on the ground, can take down opponents without dealing life-threatening damage. Here is how to use EM weapons in Starfield.

How to Use Non-Lethal Weapons in Starfield

An EM weapon in Starfield, or a non-lethal weapon, can disable an enemy without killing them. They do not lose health when hit with an EM weapon but instead activate a non-lethal takedown gauge that will appear above their health pool. As the meter fills, the enemy staggers and eventually falls unconscious.

If you knock out an enemy using an EM weapon in Starfield, you’ll have an opportunity to end the fight early and speak with them afterward. Unfortunately, you cannot loot an unconscious enemy. But you can pickpocket them while out.

As time passes, the takedown gauge slowly depletes, and the enemy will wake. As such, if your goal is to complete a non-lethal playthrough of Starfield, you need to move quickly. Knock out the enemy, then push forward.

Where to Get EM Weapons

Starfield Arboron Store in Neon
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You’ll be able to buy EM weapons in Starfield by visiting various vendors throughout the Settled Systems. The most common being:

  • Laredo Firearms, Akila City
  • Apex Electronics, The Well, New Atlantis
  • Arboron, Ryujin Tower, Neon

Occasionally, however, others will spawn. Furthermore, during the UC Vanguard questline, when the spaceport comes under attack, a few guards struggle to incapacitate civilians under mind control, and they hand you an EM weapon for free to help take down the targets.

Alternatively, you can craft a few EM weapon mods if you visit a workbench. These include:

  • Electromagnetic Beams
  • EM-Charged Shot

They’re battery mods and require quite a few materials to craft, making them mid to late-game options.

All EM Weapons in Starfield

Starfield EM Weapon Store on Neon
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There are, unfortunately, only two EM weapons in the game. These include:

  • Novablast Disruptor
    • Type: Electromagnetic Rifle
    • Damage: 100 EM
    • Ammo: Heavy Fuse
  • Brawler’s Equinox
    • Type: Laser Rifle
    • Damage: 2 EM
    • Ammo: 3KV LZR

Both of these fire non-lethal rounds activate the takedown gauge when hitting an enemy.

That’s all for using EM weapons in Starfield. If you’re looking into modifying your weapons, check out our guide on how to research weapon mods in Starfield.

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