How to Get the Sinnoh Starters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Pokemon Scarlet Violet Sinnoh Starters Featured

Back in the Raikou Paradox reveal trailer for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC pack, another big highlight was directed at the previous generations’ starter Pokemon, which were going to be available for us to catch. Well, turns out that some of them are here earlier than you might expect. Read this as right after you step into Kitakami. Here’s how you can get the Sinnoh starters in The Teal Mask DLC.

How to Get a Free Sinnoh Starter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

After beginning your adventure in Kitakami and completing your first two battles with Carmina and Kieran you’ll set back out on the road. Head to the east exit of Mosui Town until you see Professor Jacq on the right side of the road, waiting for you with a yellow textbox above his head. Speak with him to have a quick picnic.

He gives you that mysterious egg after you finish picnicking, telling you to take good care of it. And any time a professor gives us an egg without telling us what’s inside, you can be sure it’s something incredible.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Sinnoh Starters Jacq Location
Screenshot by Prima Games

Put the egg in your party and start walking around (walking in circles inside the city is quicker, but you can just let it happen naturally). After a couple of minutes, the egg hatches into any of the three Sinnoh starters: Turtwig, Piplup, or Chimchar. 

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Sinnoh Starters Egg Hatching
Screenshot by Prima Games

The one you get is entirely random, with regular chances of being shiny. I got a Piplup with Decent IVs, for example. But once you get the Pokemon, you can start breeding for perfect stats and/or shiny ‘mons.

How to Get the Remaining Sinnoh Starters

Since you only get one egg per save file, the easiest way is to look for someone who got a different starter and trade them. Since you can breed your starter with the mother (father?) of all Pokemon, Ditto, you can have as many Piplups as you want, for example, and use them to trade for the ones you haven’t got.

Hatching eggs is quite easy in Scarlet and Violet, thanks to your legendary ride, and it’s even easier if you bring someone with the Flame Body ability to the party. A few minutes will be more than enough to get yourself an army of little starters ready to trade.

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