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How to Get the Shroud Weaver in Enshrouded

It's wizard time! Fireball!

There are many legendary weapons hidden around Embervale in Enshrouded, but few are as mystical and hard to reach as the Shroud Weaver. The Shroud Weaver is a one-of-a-kind weapon found in the furthest reaches of the Kindlewastes. Here’s how you can get your hands on it.

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Where to Find the Shroud Weaver in Enshrouded

The Shroud Weaver is hidden on a hard-to-reach ledge on the side of a cliff in the furthest reaches of the Kindlewastes Desert. The first step to getting your mitts on this epic weapon is to get to the very top of the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire. You can reach this Ancient Spire by heading southeast from the Nomad Highlands.

Enshrouded Shroud Weaver Map Location
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The Kindlewastes is the hardest biome you will explore in Enshrouded and is filled with extremely tough enemies. Getting there is a task in itself, but there is plenty of amazing loot to be found, including, of course, the Shroud Weaver.

It is worth noting that Kindlewastes is the highest-level area. Enemies there can reach up to level 25, so you will want to be at a similar level yourself if you don’t want to fear for your life every time you bump into an enemy. Your Flame Altar also has to be level six to safely retrieve the Shroud Weaver.

Although you used to be able to reach the Shroud Weaver without upgrading your Flame Altar to level six, this has since changed. The Shroud Weaver is still in the same location, but the level of the Shroud has been raised so the chest is fully enshrouded in the dangerous gas.

Enshrouded Shroud Weaver Tower View
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The very top of the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire gives you a pretty good launching point to head straight to the Shroud Weaver. From the top of the tower, use your Paraglider to sail to the southwestern corner of the map.

Enshrouded Mycelium Patch
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Once you make landfall, continue southeast until you reach the Sun Temple. The Sun Temple is hiding many valuable treasures itself, but for now, keep heading east until you reach a patch of Mycelium. Turn north when you hit the spores and make your way to the edge of the cliff.

Shroud Weaver Chest Location
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Take a peek off the edge of the cliff and locate the two platforms below. Jump to the closest ledge, then onto the one below, and turn to the right to find a Legendary Chest sitting on a small wooden platform. Make your way to the chest, ideally without falling into the Shroud below, and unlock it to collect your shiny new Shroud Weaver staff. Load it up with all your favorite Staff Charges, and take it for a spin at the nearby Sun Temple!

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