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How to Get the Screech TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Let's drop those defenses like Meowth drops the bass

by Daphne Fama

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are a land lush with Pokemon and countless moves. But one of the best aspects of this game is how customizable each Pokemon is. Through the process of leveling up, picnicking with certain items, and technical machines, you can tweak your Pokemon’s move sets to perform in whatever situation you put them in.

While leveling is certainly one way to get the attacks you want, trainers know that sometimes a Pokemon simply learns a move that way. You’ll need to teach it to them. And while there are 171 technical machines scattered across the region, one is conspicuously missing.

TM 16 Screech. That’s not to say that TM 16 isn’t in the game, it is, but now it’s Psybeam. So what gives? It seems like Screech has been demoted back to a regular move in Generation 9 after Screech’s brief moment to shine in Generation 8.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get this move on your Pokemon.

How to Get the Screech TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

While Screech isn’t available as a TM, you can still teach it to your Pokemon through two methods. The first is to level it up, if Screech is on its list of learned moves. While it can be tedious, this is likely a process you’ll already need to go through with your Pokemon if you’re thinking of making it a part of your team.

The second method, if your Pokemon can’t learn Screech through leveling up, is to use a mirror herb. A Mirror Herb allows a Pokemon to learn an egg move through breeding.

For this to succeed, you’ll need the Pokemon you want to teach Screech to have the potential to know Screech through its egg moves. Then, give it a Mirror Herb. Make sure one of this Pokemon’s move slots is empty. Next, you’ll want the second Pokemon to actually know Screech. The second Pokemon’s gender and Egg Group don’t matter. Host a picnic, then do whatever you’d normally do. Make a sandwich, throw the exercise ball, whatever. When you’re ready to leave, pack up and your Pokemon should’ve learned Screech.

Good luck getting Screech, trainer!

Daphne Fama

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