How to Get the Ring of Omens in Remnant 2

The Blood Moon rises once again

The Ring of Omens is a strange item with more secrets than its ability might first let on. But it’s also an item that can only be obtained in a certain weather condition is in place. Here’s how to get the Ring of Omens in Remnant 2.

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How to Obtain the Ring of Omens in Remnant 2

Deep in the wilds of Yaesha, there is a Cathedral of Omens. Who knows what services were performed in this once hallowed house. All that remains is a large puzzle that, when used correctly, can open up a series of doors that hide a variety of items.

But there’s one item that requires you to go the extra mile. That’s the Ring of Omens. To get it, the Cathedral of Omens must be under the Blood Moon. The Blood Moon is a random weather condition in Yaesha that casts everything below it in a scarlet light.

To trigger it, you’ll need to move in and out of the checkpoint. For example, by going back to Ward 13 and then returning to the Temple of Omens. It took me five fast travels to get the Blood Moon to spawn. You can check if the Blood Moon is in the area by walking past the checkpoint and looking up. The ceiling is broken, so you should get a good view of it.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to solve the Blood Moon puzzle, which is the door on the right from where you enter.  

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To solve this puzzle, interact with the lever in front of the checkpoint once. Then, interact with the lever in front of the Blood Moon door four times.

Doing so will open up the door in front of you. There are two standard chests here, but because you solved this puzzle during the Blood Moon, the floor will reveal a hidden passageway that will take you to a room full of Blood Moon essence and the Ring of Omens. Congrats!

Now, here’s what makes the Ring of Omens so special. This ring bypasses the armor weight requirements evade. That means that even if you’re wearing incredibly heavy armor, like the Leto MK II, you won’t flop. Instead, you’ll roll.

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But what makes the Ring of Omens even better is that it has a special interaction with Yaesha amulets. If you equip the Ring of Omens with the Full Moon Circlet, the Necklace of Flowing Life, Death’s Embrace, the Talisman of the Sun, the Red Doe Sigil, and Ravager’s Mark, you’ll get the Misty Step evade.

This is a special evade that’s very satisfying to do, and it comes with its own unique sound. But I’m not wholly convinced that it’s better than the standard evade.  

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While you’re in the Cathedral of Omens, you’ll likely want to know how to open the rest of the doors.

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