How to Get the Reins of the Winter Night Dreamsaber in WoW

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One of WoW’s most rewarding additions in 10.2 is that of Dreamseeds – consumables that allow players to grow their own treasure-bearing botanical creations. This system has a bounty of rewards, but today we’re going to look at an exception: the Winter Night Dreamsaber.

How to Get the Winter Night Dreamsaber in WoW

The Winter Night Dreamsaber is a rare drop from Dreamseed Caches, earned for contributing Emerald Dewdrops to Dreamseed plants. The mount does not require you to use your own Dreamseed – it’s an exception in that it can drop from the “secondary” reward cache you get for participating in the Dreamseed activity itself!

To get a Dreamseed Cache, just locate a Dreamseed icon on the map (see below). Either plant your own Dreamseed of any rarity or participate in contributing Dew to one that another player has started growing. Each Dreamseed takes 3 minutes to grow.

You’ll need to claim the cache from the budding flower that appears once the growth cycle completes. It’s not known for sure if contributing more Dew to fill the plant’s meter means a higher chance for a drop of the mount, but it certainly can’t hurt.

To get more Emerald Dewdrops, participate in picking weeds, stomping weevils, or killing overgrown plants around the Dreamseed. You can then dispense these into the budding plant by right-clicking the growth itself.

There’s no limit on your ability to farm this mount, so feel free to keep an eye on General Chat or just fly around looking for Dreamseeds to help grow! The drop rate is quite low, so expect to run upwards of dozens of attempts before you snag one. For a full breakdown of Dreamseeds and the rewards you can earn from growing your own, check out our Complete Dreamseed Guide.

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