How to Get the Ranger Spacesuit in Starfield

Become the ultimate lawbringer!

Starfield Rangers Spacesuit
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There is a wide variety of spacesuits in Starfield, including some futuristic pieces of armor and plenty of old-school NASA-like suits. Either way, there’s something to suit everyone. But the Ranger Spacesuit in Starfield is firmly in the middle ground. It’s durable, easy to acquire, and perfect for the lawman in all of us. Here is how to get the Ranger Spacesuit in Starfield!

Where to Get the Ranger Spacesuit in Starfield

Starfield Freestar Rangers Sheriff
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To get the Ranger Spacesuit in Starfield, you must enlist with the Freestar Rangers in Akila City and then work your way through their faction questline until you complete “The Hammer Falls.” It’s one of the final missions for the faction and will reward you with this unique armor set, experience points, credits, and the Star Eagle Ship.

The spacesuit itself is quite strong. It’s a fantastic mid-game armor that you can nab relatively early in a playthrough. The Freestar Ranger questline isn’t long or challenging, and you visit Akila city early, so you can finish this one up by level 10 if you try.

How to Complete The Hammer Falls

This won’t be a full-blown walkthrough of the quest but just a rundown of the objectives you must complete.

  1. Go to Hopetown
  2. Confront Ron Hope
  3. Kill Ron Hope
  4. Eliminate Hope’s Security
  5. Talk to Birgit McDougall
  6. Talk to Marshal Blake

For a full walkthrough, learn how to complete The Hammer Falls with Prima Games!

Ranger Spacesuit Stats in Starfield

Starfield Ranger Spacesuit Stats
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  • Type: Spacesuit
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 96
    • Energy: 64
    • EM: 80
    • Thermal: 30
    • Corrosive: 20
    • Airborne: 10
    • Radiation: 0
  • Mass: 10.50
  • Value: 9805
  • Item ID: 00227CA0
Starfield Ranger Space Helmet
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Type: Helmet
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 44
    • Energy: 36
    • EM: 40
    • Thermal: 5
    • Corrosive: 20
    • Airborne: 5
    • Radiation: 0
  • Mass: 3.20
  • Value: 2505
  • Item ID: 001E2AC1
Starfield Ranger Pack
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • Type: Boost Pack
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 48
    • Energy: 32
    • EM: 40
    • Thermal: 5
    • Corrosive: 20
    • Airborne: 0
    • Radiation: 5
  • Mass: 7.30
  • Value: 3125
  • Item ID: 001E2AF7

If you prefer something a bit more robust, we recommend the UC Antixeno Spacesuit, which you’ll acquire by enlisting with the UC Vanguard in New Atlantis!

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