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How to Get the Radiosonde Action Figure in Destiny 2

I've yet to see a single radio since I've arrived

by Daphne Fama

Sometimes, finding an action figure involves a little more walking and shooting than others. That’s the case with the action figure buried deep in the belly of Radiosonde. Here’s how to get the Radiosonde action figure in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Radiosonde Action Figure in Destiny 2

Well, this is going to be a jog. Things are a little easier than the last time we were in Radiosonde, though, as many of the doors are now open.

To get to Radiosonde, we’ll need to start at Liming Harbor. Use the quick travel point, then turn left. Once you enter a tunnel, jump off your sparrow and head up the stairs to your left. There will be a blue door.

Take it, and you’ll find a raised platform. Jump onto the raised platform, and then up again into the yellow-tinged room.

Turn left, then left, then right. You’ll enter a wide open area that will be familiar if you’ve finished the Lightfall campaign. We’ll need to get to the open door on the far right. You can grapple to it or you can jump to the hard to see platform on your right.

Follow the path and shoot through the glass doors. There will be a lot of Vex, but you essentially just need to keep going straight past all of them, and through the next set of glass doors at the end of the room.

Once you’ve shattered the second set of doors, the big metal door at the end of the hall will open. Fight your way into this room and turn left.

There, in the ceiling, will be a vent we can enter through.

Jump into it, then shoot out the grates. You’ll drop into a new area, full of Harpy. Clear them out to make things a little easier, then walk up the metal stairs.

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At the top, you’ll find a Hydra. Kill it and go straight. Eventually, you’ll reach this room.

Activate the red console, then turn around. You’ll see eight canisters and a white symbol that will briefly appear above them.

Shoot them in this order and the toy will appear on the console.

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