How to Get the Quick Fingers Achievement in Pentiment

Spill the tea in the spinning bee

Pentiment is, at its heart, a historical murder mystery. But any good sleuth knows that the best way to uncover a murderous culprit is to get in the good graces of the biggest gossips. Here’s how to get the Quick Fingers achievement in Pentiment.

How to Get the Quick Fingers Achievement in Pentiment

On the second day of Act 1, Andreas will be set free with the whole of the town to explore. There are ample routes and events to choose from, and many of these will feel utterly mundane. Like, picking twigs up off the ground mundane. Straighten a picture mundane.

But sometimes you learn the most information when occupied by the utter monotony of day-to-day peasant life.  

Once you leave the Gertner’s farm, head straight to the right to Heddy and Johan Bauer’s farm. Speak to Heddy, who will be outside the house drafting wool. She’ll mention that she and the women will be doing a spinning bee soon to help manage all the wool, and complain that the women in town are simply not industrious enough to get it all done. To that end, she tries to rope Andreas in and promises to pay him in gossip.

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To accept her offer, you’ll then need to speak to her husband, Johan, who will tell Andreas it’s not appropriate for an unmarried man to be in the same house as unmarried women. But Andreas is free to stand in the window and chat.

Andreas does so, but it’s not too long before Heddy coerces him into drafting and spinning the wool. This will trigger a fairly simple minigame in which Andreas will handle a spool. Draft the wool three times, spin it three times, then collect. Do this quickly enough and you’ll unlock the Quick Fingers Achievement, worth twenty points.

But, really, Heddy is right. This gossip here is premium, and you gather as much information here as you would doing several other investigation routes.

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