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How to Get the Empty-Headed Achievement in Pentiment

Andreas is many things, empty-headed is one of them

by Daphne Fama

Pentiment is full of achievements that award you for exploration and developing relationships. One such achievement is Empty-Headed which you may be scratching your head at. Here’s everything you need to know about earning the achievement in Pentiment.

How to Get the Empty-Headed Achievement in Pentiment

For the Empty-Headed achievement, which offers no hints in its description on how to get it, make your way to the abbey. On the very first day of Act 1, you’ll need to speak to Sebhat.

Sebhat is an Ethiopian monk who is temporarily visiting the abbey with the bishop. You can find him in the cloister, adjacent to the church. You’ll know him for his golden robes and long beard. Speak to him, and he’ll mention that he’d like to have lunch with the town people before he leaves and would like Andreas to join him.

When Andreas asks Sebhat why, Sebhat reveals that he knows that people can be nervous when first meeting others that don’t necessarily look like themselves. He feels that Andrea’s presence will make everyone more comfortable. Andreas agrees to lunch plans, but it will be some time before we can take Sebhat up on his offer.

On the third day, you’ll have the opportunity to find someone to eat lunch with. There are ample choices, both in the abbey and in town, and perhaps you should use that period to further your investigation.

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But in order to get the achievement, we’ll need to approach Sebhat and take him up on his offer for lunch. This is our last and only chance to do so. Andreas will then go to gather all the townspeople who’d like to eat with Sebhat and returns with nearly every mother and child in Tassing. It’s a sweet moment. The townsfolk are excited because they’ve heard that Sebhat tells wonderful stories.

Sebhat then begins to share stories from the bible he carries. It’s a visually lovely scene, perhaps inspired by the Garima Gospels, one of the oldest illustrated bibles on earth, found and kept in Ethiopia. During the second story, Anna, the baker’s daughter, will steal Andrea’s hat.

But it’s hard to be mad at her – she’s very cute. And even better, her doing so will net you the otherwise elusive Empty-Headed achievement.