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How to Get the One Gun Trophy in Dead Space Remake

Hey Isaac, where you goin' with that Plasma Cutter of yours?

by Grant Testa

For achievement hunters and trophy fanatics, the Dead Space Remake provides a mix of new and returning challenges for gamers to accomplish for a PlayStation Platinum trophy or 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore. One returning task from the original 2008 Dead Space is the “One Gun” challenge, which requires players to beat the entirety of Dead Space using only the Plasma Cutter. Whether you did a One Gun run in original Dead Space, or if this is your first time attempting the feat, here is what you need to do to earn the trophy/achievement.

One Gun Trophy/Achievement Requirements in the Dead Space Remake

According to the trophy/achievement description, earning One Gun requires players to “Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter.” The Plasma Cutter is the first weapon obtained in the game, serving as a pistol that can be fired horizontally or vertically, depending on its user’s needs.

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The Plasma Cutter Explained in the Dead Space Remake

The Plasma Cutter has a number of interesting features that make it a powerful Necromorph-killing tool. According to Electronic Arts’ official Dead Space website, “This compact cutter fires bolts of ionized plasma that cut easily through most surfaces, making it a cheap but versatile mining tool. It can be readily modified, though some upgrades may cause the plasma to become unstable and ignite surfaces on contact.”

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One Gun Trophy Tips in the Dead Space Remake

While it might sound daunting to complete Dead Space with only one weapon, and the challenge remains one of the game’s rarest PlayStation trophies and Xbox achievements, it is actually not too difficult. Some important things to remember if you plan to complete the One Gun challenge are that you can pick up, upgrade, and equip other weapons, but do not ever pull the trigger for any of the other weapons, or the trophy/achievement will be voided. Also, if you do pick up the other weapons on your One Gun run, make sure to keep them in storage, as otherwise ammo for those weapons will be randomly generated throughout the USG Ishimura instead of Plasma Cutter ammunition. As seen in the image above, it is best to keep only the Plasma Cutter in your inventory, as you will only find Plasma Energy for ammo, allowing Isaac to stock up with a large supply.

When Does the One Gun Achievement Unlock in the Dead Space Remake?

If you have followed all of the necessary requirements, the One Gun trophy/achievement will pop at the end of Dead Space when the twelfth chapter of the game concludes.

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