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All 7 Dead Space Remake Weapons, Ranked Worst to Best

Putting every one of Isaac's tools up against each other.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Weapons

Dead Space’s arsenal of weapons is infamous for being well-rounded and purposefully designed to make each weapon fit a niche in combat. While you could use any weapon fully to clear the game if you play your cards right, it’s rare to find a weapon that fits every niche at once. With that being said, some weapons in the arsenal are naturally stronger than others. Here is every weapon in Dead Space Remake, ranked from the peashooters to the necromorph-killing masterpieces of weapon design.

Every Weapon in Dead Space Remake Ranked

Disclaimer: Before you start getting up in arms, yes, there are technically eight weapons in Dead Space Remake thanks to a reward for completing Impossible mode. Given its staggering requirements though, along with just how broken it is, we’re omitting it from this list.

7. Force Gun

Dead Space Remake Force Gun
Image via Prima Games.

Oh, you almost-magnificent piece of machinery. This air-blasting weapon serves its purpose well, blasting away foes with its air blasts and pulling people in using the alternate Gravity Well attack. There’s a case to be made that it’s the best-supporting weapon in your arsenal, and that’s precisely why it makes the bottom of the list. If you’re going to spend the time shooting enemies with a blast of the Force Gun to knock them down or trap them, you may as well have just used another weapon and outright killed them. With all the area-of-effect attacks from certain weapons as well, the Gravity Well has severely reduced usefulness. It could’ve been cool, but instead, it’s mostly a waste of time and resources.

6. Flamethrower

Dead Space Remake Flamethrower
Image via Prima Games.

Don’t get me wrong, this incendiary beast isn’t necessarily a bad weapon. It has the strongest damage-over-time out of any weapon in the game. There’s the added benefit of hitting multiple targets at once, causing some nice AoE damage. The issue comes with how it’s heavily outclassed by its sharp cousin, the Ripper. There’s just more that weapon can do, and so the Flamethrower gets sent down near the bottom of the list.

5. Contact Beam

Dead Space Remake Contact Beam
Image via Prima Games.

There’s no better way to burst enemies in the game (outside of the Impossible mode reward weapon) than a super-heated shot to the gut. This thing packs an insane punch against whatever you throw at it, and has a nice handful of situations where it can conquer. With that being said, there just aren’t enough situations or ammo packs to justify bringing it along. It’s a very specific use to take up one weapon slot, so more often than, not, it’s probably better off in your shop’s inventory. Melting necromorphs with an energy beam is cool as hell though, I can’t lie.

4. Line Gun

Dead Space Remake Line Gun
Image via Prima Games.

Ah, the infamous Line Gun. There’s never been a gun that’s so straight to the point yet incredibly useful at the same time. In a game where cutting off limbs is your only purpose, being able to send out a big straight line of death is great. There’s no faster way to send a necromorph into crawl mode in the game. The only reason it doesn’t sit higher is the fact that it’s overkill for a lot of standard creatures, and some like the Leapers tend to reduce its usefulness. Trust me though, this is still a beast of a weapon even at fourth place.

3. Pulse Rifle

Dead Space Remake Pulse Rifle
Image via Prima Games.

The Pulse Rifle asks a lot from you. You need its major fire rate and capacity upgrades for it to get off the ground, but once you do, this thing will serve you great in any situation. What is essentially an LMG wearing an assault rifle’s clothing, it’s great to pull out when dealing with large waves of necromorphs. While it suffers a little in the damage department, there’s rarely a situation where you can’t make proper use of it. Just be ready to use a ton of nodes on it in the early game.

2. Ripper

Dead Space Remake Ripper
Image via Prima Games.

It hurts my poor heart to put my pride and joy into second place. The Ripper is one of the finest pieces of engineering Dead Space Remake has to offer and in such a small package. If there’s a necromorph pissing you off, bring one of the blades out and throw it in its face, and watch the blade slowly rip it to shreds as it’s stunlocked for all of eternity. It’s even more fun for taking down Brutes, as a quick stasis use and sawblade to the legs turns the hulking brute into a very, very slow hulking brute. I love it so much, I’d even consider a Ripper-only playthrough from the minute you unlock it.

1. Plasma Cutter

Image via EA.

While the Line Gun is great at single-target damage, the Pulse Rifle at sustained damage, and the Ripper at being a machine of terror, the Plasma Cutter edges it out just barely. Whether you’re dealing with the smaller necromorphs, the hulking Brutes, or even the infamous Hunter, the Plasma Cutter will be your go-to for the majority of situations. It may not be incredible at any specific thing, but it’s a great gun for every situation, so it’s a must-have. Slap an increased mag and the damage over time, and you’ll be unstoppable with it. There’s a good reason why people consider the One Gun achievement to be so simple and fun despite how it should be near impossible.

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What are your thoughts on the Dead Space Remake arsenal? Do you believe the Force Gun to be an unsung hero? Let me know!

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