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How to Get the Natural Talent Mod in Warframe

Time to become a little more talented.

Having the correct set of mods in Warframe is vital if you want to do any form of high-level content. Having no mods equipped, or even using the auto mod feature under the Actions menu, will result in you being unable to do content beyond level 30-40 enemies. One particular mod can be useful on a few particular frames, though has some rather odd ways to be acquired. Here’s how to get the Natural Talent mod in Warframe.

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Where to Get the Natural Talent Mod in Warframe

The primary way of getting the Natural Talent mod is through the rotation C reward on certain Interception missions. The missions that can give the mod are as follows:

  • Gaia, Earth
  • Cytherean, Venus
  • Odin, Mercury
  • Alator, Mars
  • Cinxia, Ceres

All of these missions offer a 2.58% chance to drop during rotation C. To get to this rotation, you’ll need to get to 100% on the Interception progress four different times. Once you do it the fourth time, the 2.58% chance kicks in and you could possibly get the drop. If you don’t, you’ll need to run it all again and hope it drops next time.

How Else Can You Get the Natural Talent Mod?

Warframe Invasion
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There is thankfully another way you can get Natural Talent that has a far better chance to drop, though is much harder to get that chance. That is through the Grustrag Three. Getting them to spawn is unfortunately a bit of a process. First things first, you’ll want to run five different Invasion missions (found in your Navigation console) while fighting against Grineer. Once done, you’ll get a death mark alongside a rather rude message from Vay Hek. With that mark, the Grustrag Three will have a chance of spawning in any Grineer mission every 10 seconds, at any point for the first five minutes. You’ll know they’re spawning when the Lotus’ transmission begins to bug out.

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Once they’ve spawned, you and the rest of the squad will be forced to defeat them. If they down someone in the squad that has a death mark, they will be unable to be revived (with the bleedout timer paused) until the rest of the squad defeats them. Two of the Grustrag Three have a 10% chance to drop Natural Talent, while one has only a 5% chance to drop it. They can also drop a handful of other mods, including Hell’s Chamber, Barrel Diffusion, Split Chamber, and 80 Endo.

What Does the Natural Talent Mod Do?

The Natural Talent mod improves the casting speed of any abilities by 50% at max rank, allowing you to dish out damage, support, or anything else much faster. I use the mod on my Nova Speedva build, since it allows me to cast her ultimate, Molecular Prime, considerably faster. It offers a lot of convenience, and could with other builds as well.

Keep farming both the Grustrag Three and those Interception missions, and the Natural Talent mod should be yours! While you’re on the grind for mods, check out our guide on how to get the Malignant Force mod in Warframe.

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