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How to Get the Overextended Mod in Warframe

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by Shawn Robinson
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If you’re trying to get the most out of your chosen Warframe or weapon, ensuring that you have the right mods is crucial. Without the right mods equipped and upgraded, you can be looking at the difference between a very strong piece of gear or one that barely takes down level 30 enemies. One such mod is the Overextended mod, designed for Warframes. Here’s how to get the Overextended mod in Warframe.

Where to Find the Overextended Mod in Warframe

Warframe Overextended Mod
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The Overextended mod can be found inside Orokin Derelict vaults, found in the Orokin Derelict tileset within certain nodes on Deimos. This means you can’t run the Cambion Drift, Magnacidium, Exequias, and Hyf. All other nodes can have the vault on them, though. Before you start running the missions, you’ll need each of the four dragon keys. The blueprints for each of these can be obtained from a Clan Dojo’s Orokin Lab research terminal. If you have teammates, this will be much easier, but if you’re running it solo, you will need to craft all four dragon key types (Bleeding, Extinguished, Decaying, and Hobbled). You’ll then need to equip all of these onto your gear wheel. These will provide different major debuffs, so be ready for the mission to be a bit more challenging.

Once you’re in the mission, run the objective as normal but explore everywhere you can. With any luck, you’ll find a door that looks like a half circle with a dragon key in its center. Open the door (which will use one of the dragon keys) and claim the mod inside. With any luck, the 4.35% chance to get this mod will be in your favor, and you’ll have it for whatever frame you’d like.

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At max rank, the Overextended mod will increase Ability Range by 90%, while lowering Ability Strength by 60%. This is great for abilities that occur in an area, though is especially good when Ability Strength isn’t considered for an ability. One great example of this is for Nekros, with a build around his Desecrate ability. This ability drops additional loot from nearby enemies, so increasing that range can be a massive help. It has many other applications too, but if you’re looking into how to get this mod, chances are you know where you want to use it.

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