How to Get the Marshal Glyph in Diablo 4

Get a magic boost and a faster shout

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Is there anything more satisfying than shouting and bludgeoning your way to victory? Of course not. That’s why a significant part of the Sanctuary is spinning and winning their way to level 100. And the Marshal Glyph will help you Barbarians do that. Here’s how to get the Marshal Glyph in Diablo 4.

How to Get the Marshal Glyph in Diablo 4

It’s easy to socket any old Glyph into a Paragon board. But screaming is the Barbarian’s bread and butter, and the Marshal Glyph will help you reach untold decibels. But to get the Marshal Glyph, you have two options to farm out.

  • Complete Nightmare Dungeons
  • Open caches from The Tree of Whispers

Nightmare Dungeons are one of the best sources of experience in the game, especially after that experience has been buffed. Within these dungeons, Glyphs can drop from enemies and chests, but it’s all based on random luck. Nightmare Dungeons are the best source of Glyphs, as they drop here with the highest rate.

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The next best option is The Tree of Whispers. By completing bounties for the Tree, you’ll get a choice of a reward cache. These caches have the potential to have Glyphs within. But getting a Glyph is a rare occurrence, and there’s no guarantee that it will be the Marshal Glyph. For that reason, Nightmare Dungeons are the preferred source of farming out the Marshal Glyph.

And it’s well worth the grind. The Marshal Glyph offers the following benefits:

  • Grants +40.0% bonus to all Magic nodes within range
  • Reaching 40 Strength on allocated Paragon Nodes within its radius provides the following Additional Bonus:
    • After casting a Shout Skill, the active Cooldown of every other Shout Skill is reduced by 1.2 seconds
  • Requirements: 40 Strength

If you’re not sure where to get Nightmare Sigils, check out our guide here, which details everything in full: How to Unlock and Beat Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4.

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