How to Get the Magshear in Starfield

One of the most powerful stock weapons in the Settled Systems!

Starfield Magshear Weapon
Screenshot by Prima Games

With a broad and soon-to-be-growing arsenal (better mod support coming soon!), Starfield offers a lot of variety in how you tackle combat encounters. But if your goal is to simply wipe out an entire room, then you must learn how to get the Magshear in Starfield.

Where to Get the Magshear in Starfield

Starfield Magshear Weapon Wall at Kore Kinetics
Screenshot by Prima Games

To get the Magshear in Starfield, you have to either loot the high-powered weapon from enemies or, better yet, purchase it from one of the key weapon vendors in the game. As a magweapon, it’s best to check Kore Kinetics in Neon. They sell all manner of railguns in Starfield. Otherwise, you can find the Magshear:

You may get lucky and find a few other vendors in New Atlantis, Neon, or Akila City selling the Magshear, but don’t get your hopes up. These are specialty weapons and, as such, typically only come from particular vendors.

Magshear Stats in Starfield

While you may balk at the damage output of the Magshear, keep in mind that it has a high rate of fire, low overall weight, and extensive magazine. You can unload a lot of rounds downrange and deal with an entire group without reloading.

  • Type: Rifle
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 12
  • Ammunition Type: .50 MI Array
  • Magazine: 75
  • Fire Rate: 300
  • Range: 40
  • Accuracy: 66.5%
  • Mass: 3.90
  • Value: 17721
  • Item ID: 0002EB3C

Available Mods for the Magshear

The Magshear accepts the following weapon modifications:

Magshear Weapon Mods
Armor-Piercing Rounds
Depleted Uranium Rounds
Hair Trigger
High Powered
High Velocity
Long Barrel
Magnetic Rails
Muzzle Brake
Recon Laser Sight
Shock Charge Band
Short Barrel
Standard Barrel
Standard Magazine
Tactical Magazine

If you like the Magshear, you might want to score the Revenant. It’s a unique version that is more powerful but tougher to get your hands on.

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