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How to Get the Lisa Skin in Genshin Impact

A classy outfit

by Patrick Souza
How to Get Lisa Skin

Every once and a while, Genshin Impact gives players some freebies that go from weapons to free characters or free rolls. And whenever new skins drops, at least one of them is distributed without having to pay. This time it was Lisa’s skin “A Sobriquet Under Shade” that was brought to the spotlight, complete with an event dedicated to her. And here’s what you gotta do to grab it for free.

How to Get the Lisa Skin For Free in Genshin Impact

The Librarian’s new outfit can be redeemed in the Second Blooming event, which features her visiting Sumeru on her days off to relive her time as a student. Oh, there’s also the Traveler killing some monsters in the background, but that’s standard.

To redeem the outfit, you need to meet two criteria in this combat event:

  • 1 – Complete all five stages in the event-exclusive “Domain of Buried Roots”
  • 2 – Score a total of 10000 for all challenges.

This means that the skin is unavailable until 02/04, as new challenge stages are unlocked daily. You can work toward it by clearing the new stages each day, but there’s no harm done in waiting for the last second to start doing those.

Getting the required score’s not an issue either, as you’re expected to make at least 2000 points each day for getting all Primogems from the event. Remember to set the difficulty to Hard to maximize your points and bring your favorites to the battlefield.

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If you’re still struggling, try sticking to the Trial characters, as they’re more than capable of dealing with the stronger monsters. Using the best buffs will also give you a good edge (Alhaitham loves Dendro DMG and EM bonus, for example), so don’t sleep on them.

You have until February 14 to claim your skin, so grab it as soon as you finish the 5th stage!

How to Get the Lisa Skin After the Event

If you missed the event or couldn’t complete it for some reason, the skin’s not lost forever, only paywalled. It will later be added to the Shop menu for the regular price of 1680 Genesis Crystals, along with previous skins. That can be quite expensive in some countries, so make sure you’re grabbing it for free if you can.

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