How to Get the Lazy Shell in Super Mario RPG

There's always treasure at the end of a beanstalk.

Super Mario RPG Lazy Shell
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Despite the name, the Lazy Shell is the best weapon for Mario in Super Mario RPG as it boosts his Attack stat considerably. Finding it isn’t a straightforward process, and so follow the below guide to find out how to get the Lazy Shell in Super Mario RPG.

Where to Find the Lazy Shell in Super Mario RPG

To find the Lazy Shell in Super Mario RPG, you must first collect the seed and fertilizer and then give it to the gardener in Rose Town. Once he receives both items, he will demonstrate his green thumb by immediately planting the seed and creating a beanstalk for Mario to climb up, resulting in locating the Lazy Shell.

How to Find the Seed

The seed is the first object that you will find on your quest for the Lazy Shell. As you make your way through the Bean Valley and find yourself at the exit to the next area, you will come face to face with a Pirahna Plant named Smilax. Mario and Co. will have to defeat this angsty plant in battle to proceed. There’s a Shy Guy that had been tended to the toothed plant, which will quickly retreat after you are victorious. As the Shy Guy does, it will drop a piece of paper. Interact with said paper, and you will have located the Seed.


Do not under any circumstances sell the Seed. If you lose the Seed, you will lock yourself out of obtaining the Lazy Shell.

How to Find the Fertilizer

The next thing on your to-do list is to locate the Fertilizer. You will need to continue to get further in the story before you can obtain this item. In particular, you will need to kick Valentina to the curb and bring the royal family back together.

Once this has been done, you can locate an invisible path on the eastern side of Nimbus Land. Successfully navigating the invisible path won’t reward you with 45.6 billion won, but talking to the Shy Guy in the location will net you the Fertilizer, the final item you need.

Locating the Gardner

Now that you have the Seed and the Fertilizer, you must take them to the Gardner in Rose Town. When you arrive, head to his house by following the path north to the next screen. He will excitedly ramble about both items. When he is done, offer to give him each one. He will immediately plant the seed and fertilize it. This will result in the plant immediately growing. Interact with it to climb it; at the top, you will find two chests containing the Lucky Shell weapon and armor.

Once you have found these items, you should equip the Lucky Shell weapon to Mario as it’s the best weapon for him in the game. It will increase his attack by 30. The Lucky Shell armor would be a good fit for Peach. It significantly reduces other stats, but Peach is not much of a hard hitter. In return, it significantly boosts Defense, which means that she can survive numerous attacks whilst taking care of the other members of your party.

Like the Lazy Shell, Super Mario RPG has a best weapon for each and every party member. Following the best build guide for characters such as Geno and Mallow will give you the edge over all of the enemies that are attempting to block your progress on your journey.

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