How to Get the “Keep It Safer” Gun Buddy in Valorant

Protect your account while you're at it!

Two-factor authentication (2FA) helps keep your online accounts safer by providing an extra layer of security on top of your normal login methods, and you should definitely be using it wherever and whenever possible. With how often data breaches occur, and passwords get stolen, 2FA helps ensure that your accounts are near-impossible to hijack. Earlier this year, Riot Games launched two-factor authentication security for all Riot accounts, and are now rewarding players who activate the service with some extra in-game goodies for their games. So, why not earn yourself a little Valorant swag and help keep your Riot account extra protected at the same time? It’s a no-brainer, really. Here’s how to activate two-factor authentication and get the “Keep It Safer” gun buddy in Valorant.

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How To Get The “Keep It Safer” Gun Buddy In Valorant

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To obtain the “Keep It Safer” gun buddy in Valorant, you simply need to activate two-factor authentication on your Riot Games account. Doing so will not only earn you the Valorant gun buddy, but also a few more goodies from other Riot titles, like:

  • League of Legends – Taliyah “Very Cool” emote
  • Legends of Runeterra – Rare Prismatic Chest
  • Teamfight Tactics – Little Legend Egg

Starting on October 17, 2022, any users who enable 2FA, or have already enabled it, will receive the rewards upon launching the corresponding game.

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How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication In Valorant

Enabling two-factor authentication only takes a few steps, and you’ll be happy knowing that your Riot account is protected against would-be hackers. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Login to your Riot account here.
  • Verify your email address. You may have to click a verification link that you’ll receive through email.
  • Once verified, scroll down on the Account Management page to Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Click Enable.

That’s it! Now that 2FA is enabled, you’ll be sent an email with a six-digit code anytime you (or someone else) tries to login to your Riot account. To learn more about Riot’s two-factor authentication service, check out their support page. Otherwise, enjoy your new “Keep It Safer” gun buddy next time you launch Valorant.

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