How to Get the Keelhauler Pistol in Starfield

Wield the weight of the Crimson Fleet in your hands!

Starfield Keelhauler Weapon
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While Starfield has several unique weapons, nothing beats the power and aesthetic of a legendary weapon like Keelhauler. The only problem is, if you want to score this soon-to-be-iconic revolver, you’ll have to venture over to the dark side. It’s only available for those working through the Crimson Fleet faction quests. So, here’s how to get the Keelhauler in Starfield!

Where to Get Keelhauler in Starfield

To acquire the Keelhauler pistol in Starfield, you must infiltrate the Crimson Fleet on behalf of UC SysDef. But it’s not an immediate reward. You must work through the faction quest line until you complete “Echoes of the Past,” after which Delgado will reward you with the legendary revolver.

The upside is that you can receive Keelhauler, a legendary weapon, early in the game. You don’t have to hit a specific level for this item to spawn or to receive as a reward.

Starfield The Key
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Alongside the Keelhauler, you’ll receive the UC Prison Shuttle completely free!

Exploring the Keelhauler

Starfield Keelhauler Stats
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The Keelhauler is a unique version of the Magshot revolver, with a unique paint scheme and four modifications with three special effects, including:

  • Staggering: Provides a slight chance to stagger enemies.
  • Berserker: The less armor you wear, the more damage your weapons do.
  • Frenzy: Provides a slight chance to frenzy the target.

As for general information:

  • Type: Ranged
  • Class: Ballistic Pistol
  • Damage: 64
  • Ammo: .43 MI
  • Clip Size: 6
  • Fire Rate: 140
  • Range: 24
  • Accuracy: 70.1%
  • Mass: 3.50
  • Value: 43,224
  • Mods: 4/6

The Keelhauler is a highly recommended legendary weapon for anyone who mains handguns and puts skill points into Pistol Certification and Ballistics. It’s also one of the recommended weapons for a Crimson Fleet Pirate Build!

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