How to Get The Inquisitor (Adept) in Destiny 2

When they see this gun they'll know to run

Destiny 2, a space-based looter shooter, is a game where the whole goal is to flex on everyone around you. That’s why I play, anyway. And one of the best ways to flex is with your guns. Nothing says “I’m a galactic badass” like a gun with (Adept) after its name. But there’s one adept gun that rises above all others. Here’s how to get The Inquisitor (Adept) in Destiny 2.

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How to Get The Inquisitor (Adept) in Destiny 2

One of the most controversial modes in Destiny, the one guaranteed to kick off a meltdown on Twitter, is the Trails of Osiris. It’s one of the most difficult modes in the game, requiring you to complete (and ideally win) a series of matches to receive rewards.

That doesn’t sound too bad, right? That’s because Trials has been modified heavily over the years. And while you can slowly gain reputation with Saint-14 and gain weapons that way, the most coveted weapon table is exclusive to The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is only available to players who get a Flawless card. That is, they complete seven games in Trials without ever losing.

It’s a difficult task, without a doubt. And one of the reasons why “skill-based matchmaking” is a word that will get heads exploding on Twitter.

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But getting to The Lighthouse with a Flawless card is the primary way to get The Inquisitor (Adept). And even then, it’s not guaranteed. The weapon dropped by the chest is random. And if it doesn’t drop? Here are your options.

Option 1

Continue playing on your Flawless card and there’s a small chance you’ll receive an Adept Weapon on each of your wins.

Option 2

Reset your card and complete the Flawless challenge all over again. Once you complete it again, you’ll be able to buy Adept weapons from Saint-14 for 250 Legendary Shads, 50,000 Glimmer, and 1 Trials Engram. You can repeat this process as much as you want and eventually buy every Adept Weapon your heart desires.

It’s not easy but it wouldn’t be a flex if it was. Good luck!

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