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How to Get the Headband in Jedi Survivor

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Headband Jedi Survivor

Most of the hairstyles in Jedi Survivor just change the length and look of the red locks on Cal Kestis’ head. There is one style that adds just a bit of spice in the form of the Headband though, and it’s required to complete the Cobra Cal trophy or achievement, depending on the platform.

There are a surprising amount of styles that you can collect as you explore the galaxy, and most of them come from chests. I’m not sure I would trust a random container full of red hair, but the Headband doesn’t fall under the same category, and there’s an easy way to grab it.

Jedi Survivor – How to Get the Headband

You won’t need to search hard for this style at all because it’s found in a shop rather than a chest in the explorable portion of the game. The Headband can be purchased for seven Priorite at Doma’s Shop, which is located just outside of Pylon’s Saloon in the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. It’s one of the first shops that can be visited in Jedi Survivor.

When you look through the items that Doma has on sale, it can be easy to miss the Headband because it just looks like a long hairstyle for Cal. Looking close though, you’ll be able to see the black cloth, and it’s one of the only ways to add an item to Cal’s head within the game.

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To equip the Headband in Jedi Survivor, simply go to customization and scroll by all the hairstyle options you have unlocked. Once it’s equipped, you can take on the galaxy as Cobra Cal. And to earn the achievement itself, simply start some training at a Mediation Point with the Headband on. Then you can take the band off or leave it on if you love it that much.

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