How to Get the Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit in Starfield

For Gran-Gran!

Starfield Gran-Gran Spacesuit
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When you’re stuck in the character creator, chances are you’re exploring the genuinely cool traits. You’re looking at Extrovert, Taskmaster, and Terra Firma, right? What about Kid Stuff? It’s unique and, despite the childish nature of the perk, offers a lot of unique benefits. One such benefit is a unique spacesuit that your parents will hand over in due time. Here is how to get Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit in Starfield!

Where to Get Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit in Starfield

Starfield Kid Stuff Parents at Constellation Lodge
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To get Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit in Starfield, you must first select the Kid Stuff trait in character creation, then progress through the game until your parents hand over the suit. It doesn’t come straight away, however, so remain patient.

Your parents will provide you with Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit, Gran-Gran’s Helmet, Sir Livingstone’s Pistol, and the Wanderwell Spaceship. It’s a lot of really excellent equipment that will come in handy during your playthrough!

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit Stats

Starfield Gran-Gran Spacesuit Stats
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As you can see from its stats, Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit in Starfield is an excellent mid-game armor set that provides adequate protection against physical, energy, and EM damage. It’s slightly heavy, but that’s not much of an issue.

  • Type: Spacesuit
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 76
    • Energy: 60
    • EM: 68
    • Thermal: 35
    • Corrosive: 20
    • Airborne: 10
    • Radiation: 15
  • Mass: 8.14
  • Value: 6858
  • Rare Effects
    • Pocketed: Increased carrying weight.
  • Item ID: 1F22BB
Starfield Gran-Gran Helmet
Screenshot by Prima Games

The helmet, on the other hand, sadly, is a bit weaker than the Spacesuit itself. You’ll absolutely find a better helmet, though there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching equipment to suit your defensive needs.

  • Type: Helmet
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 26
    • Energy: 42
    • EM: 34
    • Thermal: 20
    • Corrosive: 15
    • Airborne: 5
    • Radiation: 10
  • Mass: 2.42
  • Value: 1644
  • Rare Effects
    • Sensor Array: Increases the range at which enemies detect you.
  • Item ID: 1F22BC

Along with landing this unique spacesuit in Starfield, you’ll also want to explore the various missable items in the game. There are quite a few, including weapons, spacesuits, and ships!

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