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How to Get the Flesh Wound Achievement in The Callisto Protocol

Tis but a scratch!

by Daphne Fama

If there’s one thing The Callisto Protocol has done well, it’s over-the-top gore sequences. This was touted well before the game was released, and this horror survival game really didn’t hold anything back. Like, it practically rains blood.

It only makes sense that The Callisto Protocol would call on its players to utterly maim the enemies that Jacob will find himself pitted against. In what is likely a nod to Dead Space and the Black Knight, the Flesh Wound Achievement demands that you use a melee or ranged weapon to take both arms of a living enemy.

But how do you go about doing that?

How to Get the Flesh Wound Achievement in The Callisto Protocol

The achievement seems to call for precision, but so long as you’re quick, Jacob can easily amputate the limbs of his enemy before they’re on the ground. In fact, you have the opportunity to do so the moment he gets his hands on the Crowbar, which he wrests from the violet prisoners he encounters in the control room. The crowbar is heavy, but it gets the job done.

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Another option if the crowbar isn’t working for you is to shoot the limbs off the enemies you face from a distance. This will conserve your health and give you the time to line up those necessary shots. But if that doesn’t suit you either, The Callisto Protocol’s weapon crafting system likely has you covered. There are dozens of ways to kill, and half the fun is finding your favorite.

And as Jacob says after throwing an inmate over the railing and into a black, gloomy abyss: “It’s you or me.” So, you know. Don’t feel too bad about utterly obliterating the monstrosities you come across. They’d happily do the same to you.

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