How to Get the Exotic Phoenix Protocol in Destiny 2

Burn bright and get that Super

Warlocks are the best class in Destiny 2, hands down. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve mained the class since Destiny 1. And while we don’t always get the best Exotics, we do have one thing – The Phoenix Protocol. And as of January 13, 2023, it’s extremely convenient to get your hands on. Here’s how to get the Phoenix Protocol in Destiny 2.

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How to Get the Exotic Phoenix Protocol in Destiny 2

The Phoenix Protocol is An Exotic Chest Piece exclusive to Warlocks, offering the perk Battle-Hearth. This perk ensures that kills and assists you make while standing in your Well of Radiance returns Super Energy.

And while that sounds a little lackluster, it’s an absolutely beautiful perk in endgame content against final bosses. I’m thrilled whenever I get a Well Warlock because it means that everyone on our fireteam is about to pump out a ton of damage. It’s perfect because between every damage phase on a big boss is usually a wave of ADDs, which means that if you time your Well correctly, your entire team will be to obliterate whatever’s in your line of sight. Traveler bless you, you shining beacon of light.

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If you’re curious about the hard numbers, here’s how it breaks down.

One kill = 10% Super Energy, but each kill after grants 1.5% less than the previous kill, with a bottom floor of 4% Super Energy. So, you’ll need to do a lot of ADD busting if you want to get your Super back up in time for the next round.

As for how to get it, there are two ways. You can find it randomly in an Exotic Engram, which can drop in the overworld or claimed through your Seasonal Battle Pass. Or you can just buy it from Xur. Right now, Xur is in the Tower for three more days. That is until reset next Tuesday (January 17) at 9 AM EST.

If you’re not sure where in the Tower, he’s in the Hangar. Enter the Hangar, then turn left. You’ll eventually find a set of stairs. Ascend them, and Xur will be skulking around. He’ll offer a variety of wares for all classes, but for this week, it’s the Phoenix Protocol (and one Exotic Engram that you can buy for 25 Legendary Shards).

Good luck becoming the Phoenix you were always meant to be, fellow Warlock.

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