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How to Get the Ear Wiggle Emote in FFXIV


by Patrick Souza
Final Fantasy XIV Ear Wiggle Emote

With the arrival of the Loporrits Tribe in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.35, we can finally have access to tons of bunny-related cosmetics available as rewards for tagging along with them in their many trials and tribulations all around Mare Lamentorum. And one of these prizes is the Ear Wiggle emote, showcased in basically every advisement for the update.

And unless this cursed Tiktok from the official FFXIV account hasn’t made you give up totally on getting the emote, here’s what you need to do to wiggle your ears in the cutest way imaginable to man.

How to Get the Loporrit Ear Wiggle Emote in FFXIV

The Ear Wiggle emote is obtained by progressing through the Loporrits Tribe Quests, and is obtained naturally by completing their Reputation Quests. More specifically, you need to reach Reputation Level 8 with the lunar rabbits to automatically get this emote in the Dreams Come True quest.

Loporrits Ear Wiggle Emote Area
Screenshot by Prima Games

Reputation is obtained by completing Daily Quests in the Bestway Burrows at Mare Lamentorum. The final quest is unlocked as soon as your Level 7 reputation bar (check it by heading into Character > Reputation and selecting “Endwalker”) is filled, and gives you the Bloodsworn level.

Don’t forget that the Loporrits are Endwalker’s crafting Tribe, so you cannot progress in it unless you have a Disciple of the Hand job at level 81 or higher. Recipes are quite easy to make, though, and the Daily Quests themselves are designed to help players level their crafting jobs, so don’t worry about that.

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It will probably take you a good while as this is literally their last available quest. Coiningway’s shop will also be fully available after reaching Bloodsworn, so don’t forget to claim other rewards you haven’t already such as minions, mounts and orchestrion rolls.

And yes, this is definitely one of the best free emotes they’ve added recently, so spam it to your heart’s content! Bonus points if you’re a Viera as you temporarily achieve the superior four-eared form.

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