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How to Get the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass

The island in fact won't be dead after completion.

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Island 2 is right around the corner, and already players are thinking about the future of the game. As was the case with its cousin, Dying Light, the game only became stronger as it received post-launch support. Chances are that will be the same here, including with the Expansion Pass. How you acquire it can be a little bit confusing though. Here’s how to get the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass for yourself.

Where to Get the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass

While we expect this to change at some point in the future, the Dead Island 2 Expansion Pass is only available by buying the Dead Island 2 Gold Edition. This brings the price up around $20-30, though includes a fair few other bonuses as well. Also included are the Pulp Weapons pack, the Golden Weapons pack, and two different Character packs. These will offer four weapon skins and a handful of character skins in total, presumably for the different playable characters.

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The likelihood of this method being changed is very high. For just about every game with DLC in existence, there’s always been an Expansion Pass sold separately alongside the base game. This is so people who purchase the game and enjoy it don’t have to purchase a whole new edition just to upgrade. Chances are this will cost a little more than buying the bundle since it would incentivize buying them as a complete package.

That’s all the details we have on the Expansion Pass, unfortunately. The team at Deep Silver is keeping tight-lipped on any future content or expansion details, so we’ll need to wait for future announcements on what’s included. You won’t need to wait on details surrounding pre-orders, which we cover in our guide.

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