Dead Island 2 Hell-A Edition

Where to Pre-Order Dead Island 2: All Platforms

Hell-A isn't too tough to access, thankfully.

Dead Island 2 is right around the corner, scheduled to launch on April 21 for all major platforms (excluding Nintendo Switch). The long-awaited sequel to the classic zombie survival game, this game has been in development hell for years. Yet here we are finally, and hopefully, it will be worth that wait. If you’re a super fan looking to jump in right away, you may wonder where to get your copy early. Here’s where to pre-order Dead Island 2 for every platform.

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Where You Can Pre-Order Dead Island 2

Before we begin, keep in mind that this guide is for pre-ordering the game digitally. If you’re looking to pre-order a physical copy, that can be done by going to the official Dead Island 2 website and selecting pre-order. There, you can pre-order the physical edition from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or Target. Now, onto the digital editions.

PC Edition

Compared to most games, you’ll need to head to the Epic Games Store and create an account to pre-order. They are thankfully trustworthy, as the worst you’ll deal with is the launcher offering fewer features than Steam. If you’re hardcore focused on buying games through Steam, you’ll likely need to wait another six months to a year before the game is sold there.

Xbox Edition

Head over to your Xbox One or Series X|S console and search up Dead Island 2. From there, simply select the edition you want and it will go just as any other game purchase does. Once the game releases, you should be able to download it (unless a pre-loading date is announced).

PlayStation Edition

Pre-ordering on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 is largely similar to Xbox. Get on your console, go to the storefront, and search up the game. Then, pick your edition and purchase.

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And there you have it! Pre-ordering Dead Island 2 on all platforms is just that simple. While there are some caveats, the process is fairly straightforward. While you’re here, be sure to check out our guide on all playable characters in the game.

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