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How to Get the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy in Diablo 4

Ashava might be crying, but you sure won't be.

by Shawn Robinson
Diablo 4 Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy

Diablo 4 is in the midst of its Server Slam event, a short period between May 12 and May 14 where players can enjoy the prologue and Act 1 of the game’s campaign. This is a healthy helping of content to enjoy, and while most of it will not carry over to the full game, there are a few rewards that will be on your account with the full release. One such item is for your mount, though how you obtain it is a little confusing. Here is how to get the Cry of Ashava mount trophy in Diablo 4.

Where Do You Get the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy in Diablo 4?

The Cry of Ashava mount trophy is the most difficult item to obtain in the Server Slam, requiring a ton of effort and time. To get it, you will first want to get one of your characters to level 20. From there, search for the Ashava world boss and defeat it. If you have friends to do this with it will make the process much easier, but it is possible with random players who know what they are doing. If you need some help learning how to defeat it, check out our full Ashava world boss guide.

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Once you have finally defeated the Ashava world boss, you will have completed the challenge in Diablo 4 and will have the Cry of Ashava mount trophy. You will not be able to use it in the Server Slam though. This is because unlocking mounts is currently impossible with the mission to unlock them behind a level requirement beyond your maximum beta level. Without a mount, you cannot customize them and cannot use your Cry of Ashava mount trophy. It is annoying in the short term, though it will be there for you once you get a mount in the full release. Speaking of things that will be there on full release, check out our guide on all rewards you can get from the Diablo 4 Server Slam.

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