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How to Defeat Ashava World Boss in Diablo 4

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Ashava Diablo 4

The first major World Boss in Diablo 4 is Ashava, The Pestilent, and this has become the crowning achievement of the current beta test happening in March. Players who have managed to take down the beast have essentially gone as far as they could in their time with the game.

As a World Boss, this fight is no joke, and it is going to require preparation in multiple areas. This includes items, mechanics, and even some decent teammates to help as well. Our guide will cover how you can prepare for the fight and the mechanics you need to know to bring Ashava down.

Diablo 4 – How to Defeat Ashava, The Pestilent

Preparation is the first step in this massive battle. The recommended level is 25, but it is still possible to participate if you are even as low as level 15. You just need some fantastic teammates and knowledge of the fight. I even managed to take on Ashava at level 21, so it’s more than possible with the right crew. Sure I had to dodge some more, but I also learned much more of the fight.

Regardless, you will also need to be ready for the spawn timer. This beast only spawns a few times a day and a countdown will pop up when it does. Once you have some good teammates and experience, the last items you need are poison-resistance elixirs that you can craft.

Moving to the fight itself, you will need to head over to the Crucible in the southeastern section of the Fractured Peaks, and when the fight begins in the small arena, you will have fifteen minutes to get the job done. Right away there will be plenty of poison being thrown around and tons of aggressive attacks.

Nearly every attack that Ashava uses in Diablo 4 will have two parts. There will be one initial attack, and that is almost always followed up with a counter. For example, the World Boss will stick its bladed arm in the ground and sweep in a circle. Shortly after, Ashava will sweep slightly farther, catching players off guard and dishing out insane damage. When these sweeps happen, make sure to head closer to the boss and move back out if you are a ranged user.

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The other major two-part attack involves Ashava slamming the blades on the ground facing forward, which has a long telegraph. However, the attack that follows is a sweep from the slammed position toward the back legs. Once again, ranged users need to watch out or face near-instant death.

Melee users will need to watch out for bite-based attacks and poison pools. Both of these are faster and typically harder to predict than the sweeps, but you can survive, especially with the elixirs. In between all of these attacks, Ashave will constantly jump around the map with damaging slams followed up by poison breath.

As long as you can watch out for these attacks in Diablo 4, you can constantly dish out damage. There is no immune phase, and the fight remains the same nearly the entire time. With the telegraphs down, you can easily dodge and start melting this World Boss in under fifteen minutes.

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