How to Get the Crossbow Code in Alan Wake 2

Cross paths with this wonderful weapon.

Alan Wake 2 Crossbow Stash
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Alan Wake 2 features plenty of secrets that can lead you to welcome riches, including weapons that’ll prove seriously powerful. Here’s how to get the Crossbow stash code in Alan Wake 2.

Where to Find the Crossbow Code in Alan Wake 2

The Crossbow stash can be found in the third chapter for Saga in Alan Wake 2, Return 3: Local Girl. As you work your way through this chapter, you’ll make your way through the forest to reach Coffee World and get the Clicker. On your way through the forest, you’ll come across a Cult Stash that mentions a crossbow being inside.

Around the Cult Stash, you’ll see several numbers printed on trees with crossbow bolts implanted in certain ones. To get the code, you need to put the numbers in order based on how many crossbow bolts are inside them. For example, the first number is 5, since it has a single crossbow bolt embedded into it. You shouldn’t have too much issue finding the numbers, but I’ve included images above for each number. Once you have them all, you’ll learn that the code is 527.

Put that code into the stash’s lock, and you’ll find the crossbow within. You can also take the crossbow bolts off the walls, so you can start with a healthy stash of ammo.

Is the Crossbow Worth Using?

The Crossbow holds one shot in its magazine which is a little low. However, where it shines is its punch. If you’re willing to learn its shot patterns and wait for opportune moments, then you can execute an enemy in one shot. It can also make for an excellent stealth weapon if you’re careful with your movements. I’ve been using it a ton in my playthrough, and it’s a go-to despite its lengthy reload time.

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