How to Get the Common Courtesy Trophy in Ghost of Tsushima

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How to Get the Common Courtesy Trophy in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is one big game, but the Iki Island DLC added even more to the award-winning PlayStation exclusive. The expansion added a new Island, new stories, and, of course, some new trophies to be won. The trophy that you will most likely need help with is “Common Courtesy”, which requires you to complete all of the Unwritten Tales on the Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima. These Unwritten Tales are so easy to miss because they won’t show up on your map, journal, or anywhere, so get your katana ready and keep on reading to learn how to complete them all and get that elusive trophy.

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How to Get the Common Courtesy Trophy in Ghost of Tsushima?

To get the “Common Courtesy” trophy, you need to complete the following Unwritten Tales:

Give a Proper Burial to the Ship’s Captain

Go back to the northern tip of the Iki Island to find the wreckage of the ship close to the starting point. Find the ship captain’s corpse and interact with it to start a short cutscene of Jin giving him a proper burial.

Assist Hachibee the Beekeeper

Next, go south from the Old Gambler’s Wood to meet the beekeeper. After interacting with him, a bunch of Mongols will show up – dispose of them to complete this Unwritten Tale.

Help Kodama at the Burned House

Locate the burned house east of Lake Nagata. Once there, interact with the banner to initiate a cutscene, after which you need to follow Kodama to the location with purple trees. You will need to use the survey. As you get into that forest, you will find a pack of Mongols hiding there. Defeat them and then make your way back to the burned house to complete this tale.

Save the Peasants near the Lake

Go to the southern part of the Iki Island map and find the lake near Buddha’s Footprints. Again, there will be Mongols. Shocking, isn’t it? Kill them all to rescue the peasants and get another tale done.

Complete the Raider Memorial Archery Challenge

There are many archery challenges on Iki Island scattered through the map, but this one can’t be found that easily as it is part of an Unwritten Tale. Head to the Raider Memorial just south of the Buddha’s Footprints, a location from the previous tale, and be sure to have Tadayori’s Armor equipped or the hidden challenge won’t start. Once there, locate an NPC standing near the bow rack to trigger it. Shoot arrows the best you can, but even the bronze will be enough to successfully finish.

Uta and the Legends Mode

The last one requires you to play Legends Mode, the online multiplayer part of the Ghost of Tsushima that you will have if you are playing the Iki Island expansion. For the last Unwritten Tale, you will need to really sink your teeth into this mode and finish the entire Legends storyline. When you are done with Legends mode, go back to the regular game and go through the Yahata Forest to find Uta sitting in a hut. You will need to speak to her two times for the final Unwritten Tale to end and for your brand new trophy to pop up.

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Congratulations! If you followed the guide above, you now have one of the toughest trophies in Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island.

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