With the release of the free Ghost of Tsushima: Legends update comes the addition of a New Game Plus mode for Ghost of Tsushima. Anyone can try their hand at this New Game Plus mode so long as they’ve beaten the game’s main campaign. 

With that being said, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start up a New Game Plus save including what does and does not carry over from your first playthrough in Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima | What Carries Over in New Game Plus 

Starting a New Game Plus save in Ghost of Tsushima is pretty straightforward. After you’ve beaten the game’s main campaign, you’ll see an option that says New Game+ located underneath the option to Continue.

By selecting New Game+ you’ll get a prompt asking if you want to start a new game. With this prompt, you’ll see the following message: 

“Play the game again with all the Techniques, Gear, and Vanity items obtained through a previous playthrough. Start immediately at the release to the open world to pursue new Upgrades and Vanity items. Difficulty is increased to provide a new challenge.”

The prompt answers a number of questions that players have in regards to the New Game Plus mode in Ghost of Tsushima. First, you can carry things over from a previous playthrough including Techniques, Gear, and Vanity items. 

This means that all of the Gear and Vanity items you meticulously collected will be safe, preventing you from having to spend time collecting everything all over again. When you get started in New Game Plus, you’ll notice you’ve been given a new horse with a red mane. 

You also have the opportunity to acquire new Upgrades including weapon upgrades, Vanity items, Charms, and Trophies while playing Ghost of Tsushima in New Game Plus mode.

With the new Vanity items, you’ll come across a new Flower called a Ghost Flower, this Flower type is used on new dyes which you can pick up from a brand new merchant located in Ariake. Even if you’ve collected all of the other dyes in the game, there’s a new reason to keep on the lookout for Flowers. 

To help you, if you’ve completed certain activities during a previous playthrough and have already received the reward for them, you’ll receive Ghost Flowers as a new reward making it worth it to replay activities. 

Note that if you played through the game on an easier difficulty setting the first time, you may have a harder time getting through the game in New Game Plus mode. In the settings, you can adjust the difficulty after you get started, though it does put a damper on using the New Game Plus mode to help challenge yourself.

If a New Game Plus mode isn’t enough to help spice up Ghost of Tsushima for you, a new co-op multiplayer mode is available now as well called Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. You can team up with friends, or matchmake with strangers online, and enjoy a new samurai experience that’s separate from Jin’s story in Ghost of Tsushima.

Even if you’ve yet to beat the campaign, you can still jump in and give Ghost of Tsushima: Legends a try. 

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Now that you know what carries over from your first playthrough of Ghost of Tsushima into your New Game Plus save, we have a few other guides for Ghost of Tsushima that you may find helpful, especially if you haven't beaten the campaign yet.