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How to Get the Blood Moon Breeches in Diablo 4 Season 4

Even witches needs pants, right?

Blood Moon Breeches is an exclusive unique item for Necromancers in Diablo 4. It takes up the pants slot on your character, which usually holds affixes that increase your survivability. Since this is a unique item, you can further increase your Necromancer’s damage by using the Blood Moon Breeches. Here’s the best way to get the Blood Moon Breeches in Diablo 4 Season 4.

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Best Way to Get Blood Moon Breeches in Diablo 4 Season 4

The best way to farm a specific unique like the Blood Moon Breeches is by target farming it through bosses. Certain bosses have a unique loot table that includes specific items. They are much more likely to drop these items because there are only a few unique items that drop from a specific boss. All these unique items can be funneled even more if you play with other Necromancers who could drop them for you.

The bosses you need to summon are Andariel or Duriel. Both these bosses are some of the hardest Torment Echo bosses in the game, but the Blood Moon Breeches can still drop in their normal level version.

Here are the materials needed to summon each boss:

  • Andariel – 2x Sandscorched Shackles and 2x Pincushioned Dolls
  • Duriel – 2x Mucus-Slick Egg and 2x Shard of Agony

To get all four of these summoning materials, you need to summon and farm four other bosses. Grigoire and Varshan drop Duriel’s summoning materials, while Beast in Ice and Lord Zir drop Andariel’s summoning materials.

After acquiring all the materials, go to Kehjistan and look for the Hanged Man’s Hall dungeon. Enter the dungeon and go to the altar at the end to summon Andariel.

If you choose to go for Duriel, you need to go to the Gaping Crevasse, which is also in Kehjistan but closer to Gea Kul.

Blood Moon Breeches Stats & Effect

Here are the stats for the ancestral version of the Blood Moon Breeches:

  • +403 – 873 Maximum Life
  • +4.4 – 8.6% Damage Reduction from enemies affected by Curse skills
  • +1 – 2 Curse skills
  • +1 Amplify Damage
  • Unique effect: Your Minions have a 3 – 7% chance to curse enemies
    Enemies affected by at least one of your curses take 70% increased Overpower damage from you.

There are only a few builds that need Overpower damage, and not all of them are strong. However, you can make them a bit stronger by getting this exclusive Necromancer unique.

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